Insurance coverage is complex and as with everything, the more complex your needs, the more complex the process. We understand you are constantly on the go – working/running a business, taking care of family, errands, paying bills, spending time with friends, traveling, etc. – we want to be there for you whenever you need us. We want to make checking “Insurance” off your to do list to be as quick and painless as possible. Even more – our goal is to make talking with your insurance agent to be something you look forward to, not dread! We are constantly evaluating our carrier (Insurance Companies) partners to make sure they are just as committed to getting you insured and on to the next item on your “to do“ list as we are.

There are a lot of things we don’t have control over – underwriting guidelines, processing time, binding restrictions, etc. - but what we do have control over is the ease of conducting business with us. That is why we have invested our time and money into researching and implementing new technology to keep up in line with the fast pace of life. You trust us to be the insurance experts, so you can focus on being the expert in your world. Jallad Insurance is committed to making the process as simple as possible. When we decided to update our logo, we decided it would visually represent our agency-wide shift to better serve our modern client.

Let us introduce you to some of the new technology you can look forward to using! You can now e-sign all of your insurance documents, so no more spending time downloading the application, printing, signing, mailing/faxing/scanning & emailing the document back to us - with just a few quick clicks, you can be on your way. Our goal was to save you time by expediting the process from potentially hours (or let’s be honest, sometimes days) to minutes all while cutting down turnaround time so we can process your requests even quicker. We have also made making payments easier. Now instead of having to call during business hours, you can make your payment securely online whenever works for you - 24 hours a day. Just go to our website, click on the green “PayNow” button and you will be taken to our secure payment portal. Type in your preferred payment information (credit or e-check) and off you go!

Not only have we updated our technology, we have also made some updates to our internal processes. We have focused on becoming as paperless as possible, cutting down on our time and money so we can use our savings to invest in even more beneficial programs for our clients! Check out our Facebook page to keep up-to-date on our agency’s journey and new developments. We look forward to making your insurance process as enjoyable and simple as possible!