blue logo for Victim Service Center Victim Service Center of Central Florida is an organization that is dear to our heart. VSC provides resources and services for our community members who are victims of crime and sexual assault. They provide therapy & support services, as well as focus on education through outreach & prevention services. Earlier in April, Samir mingled with some Superheros (fictional and real) at their "Cheers for Change" fundraising event. We were honored to be a sponsor and are proud to be associated with such a wonderful organization! You can check out our Facebook page to see some of the awesome pictures.

Victim Service Center also recently introduced us to Denim Day, which is celebrated on April 25th this year. If you are unfamiliar, Denim Day is observed as an international protest responding to the Italian Supreme Court’s overruling of a rape conviction in the 1990’s. Although the assailant had been found guilty at the trial, the Supreme Court argued that because jeans are difficult to remove, the assailant couldn’t have done so without the help of the victim. The following day, the women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the victim. Today, denim is worn to continue the discussion in the hopes of correcting the misconceptions that surround sexual violence.

Jallad Insurance Team dress for Denim Day Jallad Insurance stands with VSC to honor survivors of sexual assault on Denim Day.

If you are interested in learning more about Denim Day or the Victim Service Center, please click here.