No one likes to think of a future they aren’t in, but as the saying goes, there are only 2 things for certain in life – death and taxes. Unfortunately, just like you plan for taxes, you need to plan for death. After all, “Time waits for no man.”

There are lots of ways exciting milestones in our life are reminders we need life insurance coverage. For instance, you may be single and don’t think you need life insurance, because you have few responsibilities and are enjoying all that life has to offer. But if something were to happen to you, who would have the unexpected financial burden added to the heartache of losing you? Getting married is an exciting celebration of love and life. Thinking about if something tragically unexpected were to happen, when you are just starting your lives together, is understandably not what anyone wants to do. But unfortunately, we don’t know what our futures hold. Wouldn’t you want to be there for each other, to take away the stress of paying the bills when your spouse is grieving? Take time now to put a plan in place, so you can relax and just focus on building a life and growing old together.

Having a child, whether you are a couple or a single parent, means preparing for your child’s needs and making sure they are protected. Nothing can replace a parent, but life insurance can provide savings for their education, and can allow you to provide for them in your absence, as you always planned to in their future. Whether it’s contributing to a car purchase, helping with their wedding, or a down payment on a home, you can give them the gift of security and still be a part of their special moments.

What about an older family member that depends on you now or will in the future? Plan ahead with a Long Term Care policy so their golden years can be spent enjoying each other’s company, instead of worrying about being able to provide expensive care for them.

Did you know you can also use Life Insurance to set a foundation for your retirement? Take care of yourself down the road, your older self will thank you! By planning now, you can set goals and easily meet them. A roadmap of what you want your future to look like is much easier to plan for than driving by the seat of your pants - when what could have been an enjoyable trip is turned into a stressful one.

Give us a call today so we can assist you in making an educated decision on how to best protect your family. Don’t let their heartache be a headache.

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