Business Owners Policy

The business owner’s policy is a multi-peril, multi-line package policy designed to provide broad property and casualty coverages for small businesses. Many small to medium sized businesses qualify for a business owner’s policy or BOP which is a low cost package of policies that include Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage, Property Insurance, and other fundamental coverages associated with businesses of this profile size. Many insurance carriers market this policy and curtail it to specific markets risks by using endorsements or inclusions. For example they have BOP policies designed for Restaurants, Homeowners Association, Technology Companies, etc.

What types of businesses can utilize the BOP?

Typically, small to medium sized businesses can get the proper coverage they need utilizing the business owners policy. If needed you can add from many options to choose exactly the type of coverage you need. With a business owners insurance policy coverage, your small business can get property insurance, liability insurance, crime coverage and additional protection all built into a easy and affordable business owners policy.

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