Special Event Insurance

Special events require special insurance.  A special event is defined as an event that is of short duration which usually lasts 10 days or less. Some examples of short duration special events are weddings, anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, fairs, political fundraisers, philanthropy fundraisers etc. However, a special event might take place for a longer duration such as a Christmas tree lot or fireworks lot open for a period of 2 months or more. The coverages needed for either short or long special events are determined by what type of event and the duration. Typically the base requirements will be Special Event Liability Insurance, Event Cancellation, Hole in One, and Prize Indemnification Insurance.

As the special event holder, the rental facility will most likely require you to have a certificate of liability insurance as well as adding the venue as an additional insured. This enables the venue to have coverages and terms that are afforded to you through your policy to cover them as well. This is standard industry practice and can be done very quickly. Let our professionals advise you on obtaining the right insurance to cover your special occasion or event. Call us at (407)644.4423

Special Types of Event Insurance Coverage

  • Wedding Insurance
  • DJ/KJ/VJ Insurance
  • Property, Crime and Liability
  • Videographer Insurance
  • Weather Insurance
  • Photographer Insurance
  • Vendor Insurance
  • PTO/Booster Club Insurance
  • PTA Insurance
  • Non-Profit Insurance