Technology Professional Liability

Technology has not only transformed our society but redefined how business operates. From business to business, to supply chains, to digital storefronts, many businesses simply could not properly operate if the technological systems failed. When technology does fail, the financial impacts to companies can be catastrophic and the affected businesses often look to their technology product or service providers for financial compensation.

Many times the insured believes their General Liability policy will respond to financial claims against them for technological failures. Unfortunately the standard policy is not designed for technology companies and the risks that they face daily. For example, if one of your clients lost a month of critical customer information because of a software glitch, or a supply chain fails. Another component of proper coverage is that cohesive coverage reduces the potential for unintended gaps between the General Liability and E&O policy. Our advisors will provide objective solutions to protect your technology company and the assets of the business.

Key Coverages

  • High limits available for small, medium and large companies
  • First Party Data Privacy Expense
  • Cyber Extortion Expense Coverage
  • Third Party E&O
  • Notification Expenses
  • Crisis Management Expenses
  • Copyright, Trademark, Trade Dress
  • Personal Injury
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