Personal Umbrella

The personal umbrella insurance policy provides an extra layer of protection for you, your family and your assets. The real question one must ask is “Do I have enough insurance to cover a catastrophic insurance claim” and “what would I do if I had inadequate limits”? If your limits of underlying personal liability limits in your homeowner’s policy, auto policy, or boat policy are exhausted, any amount exceeding the exhausted limits would fall to you. In order to cover the costs, you could be forced to use money and assets from savings accounts, real property, and even your future earnings.

Key Concepts

Umbrella policies require underlying insurance limits to act as the primary limits, and the umbrella “triggers” when the underlying liability limits are exhausted. Each company has their own underlying liability requirements which must be “attached” to the umbrella policy. What is critical for proper coverage is that the liability limits satisfy the Personal Umbrella underlying requirements. If the requirements are not met then no coverage response is required from the insurance carrier.

Your underlying limits for Watercraft liability, Personal liability and Auto liability must all be checked and verified that they “attach” to the Umbrella policy contract language for coverage to respond. Our insurance advisors will review your needs, advise you on proper Umbrella limits and verify that you have all the necessary underlying limits to protect you, your family and your net worth.

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