Auto Dealer Bond (MVD)

The auto dealer bond protects the consumer or state from fraud, misrepresentation or any other state statute referenced in the motor vehicle dealer (MVD Bond) form. Auto Dealer surety bonds are sometimes called used car dealer bonds and are required to guarantee the auto dealer operates per the terms of the state [obligee]. Auto Dealer surety bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds and used car dealer bonds fall under the category of license and permit surety bonds.

These license and permit surety bonds are required by many states in order to operate as an auto dealer. The Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond amount is set by each state and cannot be changed by the principal or surety and the amount of the bond varies from state to state.

Variations of Auto Dealer Bonds

  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond (MVD bond)
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Bond (DMV Bond)
  • Motor Vehicle Bond (MV bond)
  • Dealer Bond
  • RV Dealer Bond
  • Used Car Dealer Bond
  • Motorcycle Dealer Bond